Why timely submission of your document becomes essential?

Documentation is a highly significant step in the immigration proceedings. This is because any slight mistake in your documents can cause the rejection of your application and can be considered a heinous crime under “Misrepresentation.” Further, any delay in filing the documentation can slow your immigration and make you lose your opportunity. Therefore, it is always advisable to undertake the immigration process under the guidance of an accredited Immigration consultants only.

Why the documentation process is important?

The process of documentation can help you streamline your candidature and help future employers choose your application from the pool itself. The authorities evaluate the person who is aspiring to immigrate to their country and can ensure only skilled and capable professionals immigration. Moreover, it also reduces any operational ambiguity that might arise later on after migration. Thus, it is an essential process for the candidate as well. Please consider that it has secondary benefits attached which can prove to be highly fruitful for the applicant in the long run.

The general list of documents required for immigration

Below Let us look at the list of vital records that are required for immigration –

  • Identification proof
  • Passport details
  • Proof of Funds (Bank statement, account details, loans and credits statements, asset list, etc.)
  • Educational evidence
  • Marriage certificate (if any)
  • Letter of recommendation from previous employers
  • Provincial Nomination certificate (if selected through this model)
  • Language proficiency score
  • Educational Credential Assessment report
  • Personal reference code
  • Express Entry Details
  • Job Seeker validation code
  • Medical test report
  • Police verification report
  • Character certificate
  • Age proof – birth certificate, etc.

The list mentioned above is just a general list of documents required, and it is subject to change pertaining to the individual’s case.

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